If your pooch is stuck inside on a snow day or feeling out of sorts, do not fret! Spend more quality time inside by using enrichment toys!

 Interactive puzzles, teasers, and treat dispensers provide important mental stimulation that reduce boredom, avoid excessive chewing, and improve cognitively for any pet. These toys are especially handy in calming pets with anxiety when company comes to town. Plus they give you an excuse to show off how smart your dog really is at your next party!

Consider these three simple toy ideas that not only enrich the mind, but beat the winter blues!

  1. Challenging Puzzles

Intricate and challenging puzzles filled with hidden treats or food tingle the senses. They force your pet to nudge, sniff, and scratch their way for that perfect reward. Puzzles come in several different shapes, sizes, and levels as well fit for any size and age. Savor all the endless fun intended to focus their minds and their noses!

  1. Treat Dispensers

For those aggressive chewers or hyperactive dogs, consider using a treat dispenser toy! Simply fill with your pet’s favorite treat or food item and watch as they endlessly chomp, lick, and snoop. Choose low-cost, healthier fill options like canned pumpkin, plain yogurt, apple sauce, or cottage cheese for even more variety. Keep them busy even longer and increase the durability of your treat dispenser by freezing beforehand. Now your pet can stay cozy by the fire and enrich their mind all at the same time!

  1. Hide & Seek

Have a little rabbit or squirrel chaser at home? Bring the fun inside this winter with these adorable hide and seek toys! It’s the perfect activity for any curious snooper that enjoys burrowing their little nose around the yard. Stuff these squeaky toys into their den and enjoy hours of pulling them out one-by-one!