While we might sniffle and sneeze, dogs and cats typically exhibit stubborn allergy symptoms through their skin and coat. You might notice a smelly odor, excessive scratching, redness between the paws/ears, or a buildup of oily residue. Chewing on paws and infected ears are also symptoms of allergies! Anything from diet, the environment and seasons, or vaccinations can trigger allergic reactions in our pets. But there is certainly a dietary strategy to combat this pesky problem and bring balance back to our pets’ immune system.

                First thing to address when it comes to reducing your pet’s allergies is the quality of their diet. All good things begin at the center of the gut! Much like us, dogs and cats fed a higher quality diet with a variety of fresh meats and produce can efficiently digest and utilize every aspect of the food. You can easily find an abundance of fresh, whole-food based nutrition through feeding raw, home-cooked, or dehydrated ingredients. These diets are naturally low in inflammation causing ingredients, so they help reduce the symptoms of redness, puffiness, and itchiness associated with allergies. Consider protein options such as duck, pork, or wild-caught fish instead and avoid foods containing wheat, corn, soy or by-products.

                Second, look into supplementing probiotic, enzymes, and beneficial fatty acids into their daily feeding routine. Found naturally in fermented foods and raw dairy products like goat’s milk and cheese, probiotics and enzymes replenish the beneficial bacteria in your pet’s gut. You’ll notice overall improved digestion, better nutrient absorption, and reduced inflammation as a result! Fresh raw fish options like sardines, wild salmon, and cod provide a plethora of omega-3 fatty acids necessary for a healthier skin and coat. And picky pets adore the smell of any stinky fish! Coconut and hemp seed oils are fantastic plant-based alternatives for essential fatty acids that can easily be drizzled onto any meal. For pet parents who dislike the idea of a smelly fish option, powdered mushroom supplements offer a plethora of immunity boosting attributes.


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