Introducing: Farmina! Backed by years of research by the Farmina Vet Research group, this new functional food line is scientifically designed to provide each pet with the best nutrition possible. Each natural ingredient is carefully selected to optimize digestibility and packed fresh as the moment it was made. Because of this, Farmina has developed a variety of formulas to meet the special needs of each individual pet.

The N&D Pumpkin is an innovated line that mimics a dog or cat’s ancestral diet. By using a high percentage of animal ingredients and few carbohydrates, the N&D Grain-Free Pumpkin formulas are fantastic low-carbohydrate and low-glycemic dietary options.

Dealing with pesky hairballs, upset tummies, or stubborn weight issues? The N&D Quinoa line might be right for you! These formulas are more specific and designed to resolve the individual needs of your pet. Quinoa is chosen to promote digestion, improve the absorption of nutrients and support overall intestinal health.

Farmina, a brand located at Lola &  Penelope's in St. Louis Missouri, features healthy ingredients just for your dog.