With so many good reasons to switch, it’s easy to make eco-friendly choices for your pet! Help keep reduce the amount of pet products in landfills by purchasing recyclable toys such as:

  • Wo-Bone Rubber Dog Toys
  • Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Dog Balls
  • West paw Dog Toys

Check out these toys that are sustainably made by using all natural and recycled materials:

- Wooly Wonkz

- Aussie Naturals

- Perfect Pet Antlers

Looking for an eco-friendly food to feed your pet? We have the perfect option with “Open Farm” brand foods and treats which contain sustainably and ethically sourced fish and other meat ingredients.

They support farmers who respect the land and animals under their care, and work exclusively with family farms that follow humane and ethical practices. All of the fruits and vegetables in Open Farm’s recipes are GMO-free and, where possible, sourced from local farmers. Their farms all comply with “Good Agriculture Practices”, and must undergo GAP audits on a regular basis. Using local farmers also helps to minimize trucking time to lower their environmental footprint.

Open Farm’s fish is sourced using Oceanwise’s recommendations for fishing species that are abundant and resilient to fishing pressures. They do this in order to minimize overfishing and to ensure that they’re not contributing to the depletion of fish populations in our oceans. Visit www.oceanwise.ca for more information!

And don’t forget that the packaging can be recycled through their partnership with Terracycle! Learn how easy it is to recycle your Open Farm bags at TerraCycle.com.

After dinner - be responsible and pick up your pet’s poop the earth friendly way! Earth Rated Poop Bags contain an EPI additive which help them to break down in landfills. The packaging and roll cores are made from recycled materials which can be recycled after use.