We LOVE February at Lola & Penelope's!  It's the month of love, celebrating Healthy Heart Month, Pet Dental Month and Valentine's Day all in February!  

Having a healthy heart is critical to longevity.  Ensuring your pet has regular exercise and a high quality diet that helps maintain muscle mass and an ideal weight goes a long way toward meeting this goal.

The American Veterinary Dental Society estimates 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by age three.   


 The number one way to prevent dental disease? Brush your pet’s teeth regularly! Even if your pet’s teeth look squeaky clean now, most dental disorders start under the gum line where we can’t see! Untreated, teeth issues can turn into periodontal disease, which can later lead to issues with your pet’s kidneys, liver, and their heart. Prevention is key—and while daily brushing is best, even brushing weekly can make a difference.


 The right tools can make all the difference. Whether you choose to use a brush mitt or a special tooth brush, be sure you’re choosing the right size for your dog or cat! A brush that’s too big or small can make tooth time harder on you and your pet, so make sure you’re comfortable with the tool! The right toothpaste is important as well—NEVER use a human toothpaste for your pets! Human toothpaste contains fluoride and other agents that can be toxic to your pet. Pick a toothpaste or gel that’s made just for pets. Some come in pet friendly flavors like chicken—and some gels don’t even require brushing (though brushing helps speed up the process of removing plaque.)


 Stinky breath can sometimes ruin a good cuddle time (salmon breath kitties, anyone?) so make sure to keep some options on hand! Daily breath chews or water additives can help freshen breath and help plaque build up, but they don't replace brushing! Some chews and water additives can also have additional vitamins or benefits, making breath freshening a good part of any pet’s routine!


Our FREE Pet Photo Booth is open on Saturday, February 11 from 1pm - 3pm so be sure to bring your pooch for a keepsake photo of LOVE.   We have FREE dental checks in Clayton on Friday, February 17 at 1pm with Dr. Pam Clary, DVM.  And, we have a FREE toothbrush with any purchase of pet toothpaste all month.  Other dental specials will be offered so stop by the stores this month to show your pets some dental and healthy hear love!