Who would have thought goat's milk would be an ideal supplement for pets with digestive issues?  Primal, and they have delivered a healthy product naturally full of probiotics to aid in digestion and prevention of loose stools, itchy skin and yeast infections.

Goat's milk helps alleviate allergies and itchy skin by killing yeast bacteria, which can also aid in the relief of hot spots.

Joint pain too?  Yes, goat's milk contains enzymes that provide relief to inflamed joints and improve circulation in older pets.

What's in goat's milk?  Cinnamon - an antibacterial which helps reduce symptoms of arthritis.  Ginger - a digestive aid and natural antioxidant.  Tumeric - an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cancer fighter super herb! 

You can serve goat's milk in a dish, pour over food, or make a fun frozen treat by adding fruit and pouring into ice cube tray.

Pick up some today.  20% during the month of August.