Winter is vastly approaching, which means your pet will be more exposed to mud, slush, and snow! Avoid weather-related paw irritations and injuries by keeping your pet’s paws hydrated, clean, and maintained. Here are some helpful tips to protect those paw pads and stay safe during the next winter weather storm.

  1. Apply Paw Wax

Give your dog some soothing relief and weather protection against snow, sleet, and salt using a paw wax. These odorless, natural waxes protect against chemical burns from ice melts and contain added Vitamin E to moisturize & reduce cracked paw pads! A thin layer each day is all you need!

  1. Use Pet Safe Ice Melt

Deicers typically contain harmful chemicals that tend to clump underneath paw pads. As a result, dogs exposed to these deicers can possibly ingest these salts or have serious paw irritations. Choosing a pet-safe, less toxic deicer that contains zero salts and chlorides is a safer alternative that protects not only your pet, but your planet!

  1. Don’t Forget the Booties!

For a little extra protection, investing in a pair of weatherproof dog boots will be a game changer for any wet weather adventure! They not only provide warmth and coverage, but also prevent tracking in a mess of muck, mud, or snow into your home after all the fun. Don’t forget to allow plenty of time and patience to get your dog used to wearing his or her new boots!

  1. Groom Paws More Often

If you have a thick-coated or hairier breed, it’s important to keep the hairs beneath the paw pads groomed regularly in the winter months. This will prevent any snow clumping and ice balls accumulating underneath the paw pad that can be very painful. Longer nails can cause the paw pad to splay out and pick up more snow as well.  

  1. Keep a Paw Wash & Wipes Handy

After long walks in wet weather, your dog will surely need some freshening up. Keeping a paw wash, grooming wipes, and rags handy will help easily remove any lingering salt, mud, or snow that might dry out or irritate the paw pads.

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