You are invited to our annual Stocking Stuffer Sale!
November 27th - December 6th 

20% off everything you fit in your stocking.
We are offering 3 ways to stock your stuffing:
- 15 minute in-store personal shopping session
- 15 minute Facetime call
- 15 minute Zoom call
During the Facetime or Zoom calls we take you on a virtual tour around the store.
When you see something you like let us know and we will stuff your stocking!
Curbside pickup available or we can ship for an additional charge.
Interested? It’s easy, follow 3 easy steps to receive 20% off!
Step 1: Book your appointment by one of the following options:
1. in-store 15 minute shopping session,
2 Facetime call or
3 Zoom call.
Step 2: Before you appointment we will message you stocking selections: $2 for basic or upgrade to a premium stocking for an additional charge.
Step 3: Show up for your appointment in store or virtually, stuff your stocking and save 20%!
Email us today to schedule your appointment! -