Nimbus Puffer Dog Coat

Nimbus Puffer Dog Coat

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Product Details:

Don't let a little crispness in the air keep you indoors. The silky soft Nimbus Puffer is quilted to provide just the right amount of warmth for those chilly city walks. The water resistant coating and two-way waterproof zipper mean it will keep your pup warm and dry while wearing their favourite harnesses. With a streamlined fit, reflective binding, and integrated Poppin' Light eyelet, this coat makes sure your pup is both stylish and safe, day and night. Strut your stuff little doggy!

• Water resistant polyester ripstop shell quilted for added warmth
• Reflective binding on hem & collar edges for lowlight visibility
• Integrated leash access at collar seam
• Waterproof zipper for harness access
• Integrated eyelet for Poppin’ Light (not included)
• Pocketed buckle protection

Available in 3 different colors: Azalea/Coral, Plum Purple/Grey, Royal Blue/Cyan

Size Chart:

Chihuahua  8"  14"-16"  5-10 lbs 
Papillon, Pomeranian  10  10"  15"-18"  10-15 lbs 
Yorkie, Bichon Frise  12  12"  17"-21"  15-20 lbs 
Jack Rusell, Boston Terrier  14 14"  20"-24"  20-25 lbs 
Puggle, Westie  16  16"  21"-26"  25-30 lbs 
Wheaten Terrier, Beagle  18  18"  23"-29"  30-35 lbs 
Shar-Pei, American Eskimo  20  20"  24"-30"  35-45 lbs 
Samoyed, Australian Cattle Dog  22  22"  26"-32"  40-60 lbs 
Golden Doodle, Dalmatian  24  24"  27"-34"  50-70 lbs 
Labrador Golden Retriever  26  26"  29"-35"  60-80 lbs 
Doberman, German Shepherd  28  28"  31"-38"  70-90 lbs 
Rottweiler, Male Ridgeback  30  30"  33"-41"  80+ lbs