Puppia RiteFit Adjustable Dog Harness

Puppia RiteFit Adjustable Dog Harness

Product Details:

Treat your pooch to one of the most comfortable and adjustable harnesses for dogs available - the Puppia RiteFit Harness! The Puppia harness features a breathable material to promote air flow, and is easy to use. Simply slide the harness over the head, step your pet's paw through the arm opening, and clasp the side buckle around your furry friend's chest. NEW Adjustable neck with buckles and hook & loop fastener!

Available in colors: Pink & Navy

How to Size Correctly

When choosing the correct size, make sure that you measure your pet's neck girth (where a normal collar would lay) and your pet's breast girth. Then reference the chart below. Choose Puppia harnesses based mainly on breast girth.

Puppia Size         Neck Girth                                    Chest Girth
                            (Max Inches)                                (Min-Max Inches)     
S 9.5"~11.5" 13.0"~19.0"
M 11.5"~14.0" 15.0"~22.0"
L 13.0"~16.0" 19.5"~29.5"
XL 16.0"~19.0" 21.5"~31.5"