Beer for Dogs Dog Treat

Beer for Dogs Dog Treat

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Vendor: Lola & Penelope's
Type: Treats
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Product Details:

Beer for dogs!

These non-alcoholic treats are beer formulated just for dogs. Made in the USA with real human-grade beef or pork - and has no added salt or fat. Combined with malt barley which contains vitamin B and amino acids, and glucosamine to promote healthy joints, you have a delicious brew that is healthy and nutritious. There is never alcohol, carbonation, or hops in Bowser Beer. 

How to serve: Dogs love it chilled in a bowl or poured over their boring, dry kibble. Your dog will sit up and beg for more!

This dog beer doesn't need to be refrigerated until opened. The each bottle has a resealable cap, and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week!

Choose from Cock-A-Doodle Brew or Beefy Brown Ale!

Serving size - 1 bottle for medium/large dogs, or half a bottle for small dogs.

Sold in individual bottles for $6.99 each, OR buy 5 get one free for a six pack!