Longhair Silicone Brush

Longhair Silicone Brush

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Vendor: Pet + Me
Type: Wellness
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Product Details:

If you have a dog with long hair, you need this firm silicone brush by Pet + Me! It works best for large breed dogs with long hair, double coats, or thick undercoats. This multi-functional brush is great for shampooing; it is flexible and forms to the body of your dog and is extremely effective in removing loose hair from the undercoat and even dandruff. When used with firm pressure, this brush not only provides a relaxing massage, but it loosens and removes the excess sebum on your pup's skin that causes him to become smelly.

Additionally, the Pet + Me Silicone Brush is the perfect lint brush! It acts like a magnet with a static cling effect. It may be used dry or wet. Using the fine side with pressure applied, even the finest of hair, dust and allergens can be wiped away. Use it on upholstery, carpets, clothing and car seats. Routine brushing of your furry friend, about twice a week, can help in reducing otherwise airborne dust and allergens.

This silicone brush is easy to clean! Rinse the brush under running hot or cold water. For a thorough cleaning (embedded dust and sebum) place in the dishwasher or washing machine. The brush will be like new and carries a 5 year material guarantee.

This Veterinarian recommended brush is completely free of harmful chemicals and metals.