Orbee Cosmo Rubber Dog Balls

Orbee Cosmo Rubber Dog Balls

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Vendor: Planet Dog
Type: Play
Tags: Eco-Friendly, Guaranteed Toy, Interactive, Rubber, Tough,

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Orbee Cosmo Rubber Dog Balls

Product Details:

Your dog is sure to love these Orbee Cosmo balls. Not only are they fun and bouncy, but they also have a hole at the bottom to stash doggy treats! Orbee's dog toys made from Planet Dog’s award winning Orbee Tuff material. It’s 100% non-toxic and gentle on your dog’s gums and teeth. The toy is constructed of 100% all natural materials and are made in U.S.A. The material also features a special minty scent to help keep your pet's breath nice and fresh. Dog toy comes in 3 different styles The Ringo, the Luna, and the Sol.  The Ringo features Saturn-like rings that give added bounce to playtime!  The Luna is  glow in the dark, perfect for night time play. The Sol. is ideal for large dogs that need something durable to play with and chew on. All products are rated 5 out of 5 on Planet Dog's durability scale and are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed by Planet Dog. 

Made in the USA 

Dishwasher safe 

Available in styles: Ringo (3"), Luna (4"), Sol. (5")