Unicorn Lure Teaser Wand Cat Toy

Unicorn Lure Teaser Wand Cat Toy

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Vendor: Lola & Penelope's
Type: Cat
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Unicorn Lure Teaser Wand Cat Toy

Product Details:

Lure in the fun with Petstages Unicorn Lure Teaser Wand! This chasing, paw swatting luring toy provides exercise and entertainment for your curious cat. Featuring a 4 ft soft crinkle fleece tail this toy is sure to be one of your cat's favorite games! The soft plush unicorn topper contains catnip to get your kitty excited for playtime. On your mark, get set, chase!

  • chase & bat:Unicorn Lure Teaser Wand is the purrfect way for your curious cat to get the mental and physical exercise they need to stay healthy and happy with chasing and batting fun.
  • crinkle sound:Cats love crinkle! That’s why the Unicorn Lure Teaser Wand features a 4 foot lure that crinkles when danced around and swatted by kitty, helping to keep your cat playing and engaged.
  • catnip filled:Unicorn topper is catnip filled to attract and keep cats’ interest
  • building bonds:Connect and strengthen the bond with your cat through interactive play! Use the handle to make the fleece lure dance back and forth to your cat's delight, encouraging pouncing, chasing and batting play.
  • play all day:Play is essential to every cat's happiness. That's why we designed the Unicorn Lure Teaser Wand to help stimulate play and allow cats to use their natural instincts in appropriate play.